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Cocconeis placentula, Ehrenberg, 1838
  • Cocconeis pediculus var. placentula : Ehrenberg, Grunow (1867)
  • Cocconeis communis var. placentula : Ehrenberg, Kirchner (1878)
  • Cocconeis communis f. placentula : Ehrenberg, Chmielevski (1885)
Morphological Characteristics

Solitary. In valve view the frustule is oval, elliptical or discoid. The valves differ, the upper one having a straight narrow raphe and thin radial striae, while the lower valve has a central, narrow straight pseudo-raphe.


Morphological Data
Distinctive morphometric characters
  • Cell Length: from 7.5 to 98 µm
  • Cell Width: from 8 to 40 µm
  • Striae in 10 µm: from 23 to 25 n°


Typical of marine and freshwater environments.

Distribution: Europe: Denmark (Ettl & Gärtner, 1995), Finland (Weckstrom & Juggins 2006), Germany (Ettl & Gärtner 1995), Iceland (Ettl & Gärtner 1995), Netherlands (Barranguet et al. 2005), Romania (Caraus 2002), Spain (Zafra & Aboal 2004), Turkey (Ersanli & Gönülol, 2006); in the Atlantic: Canary Islands (Gil-Rodríguez & Moreira-Reyes, 2005); North America: USA (Ettl & Gärtner 1995), in South-west Asia: Iran (Bagheri & Ramzannejad Ghadi, 2008), Turkey (Soylu & Gonulol 2006) China (Hu and Wei, 2006); Australia and New Zealand: South Australia (Leterme et al., 2010), Tasmania (Day et al., 1995); in the Pacific Ocean: Hawaiian Islands (Sherwood, 2004).



Not reported.

Resistence Stages:

Not reported.


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