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The size class distribution web service allows to visualize the distribution of phytoplankton in different size classes selected on the basis of logarithmic values of biovolume or carbon content. The mandatory fields for this calculation type are biovolume or cell carbon content.

If the values for the mandatory fields are not present in the dataset, they can be obtained by using the dedicated Traits Computation web service.

Follow the operational steps to run the service. It will return a .zip file containing a summary table in .csv format and one or more bar plots according to the selected clusters.

Input file must be in .csv format.

Please, specify all required values to run the service:
  • dataset
  • trait
  • logarithm base
  • spatial and temporal levels

Step 1 - upload your dataset (*)

Upload your dataset structured according to the Phytoplankton Data Template.

Step 2 - select the trait (*)

Select the trait to be used for the ranked distribution.

Step 3 - select the logarithm base (*)

Step 4 - select the spatial and temporal levels (*)

These levels are needed for the clusterization of data. If no spatial or temporal levels are selected, the distribution is made on the whole dataset.