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For any given sampling site and/or sampling time, the workflow also computes several community indices and/or individual size spectra statistics (biovolume in μm3 or biomass in pgC) from an individual or aggregated LifeWatch dataset.  The inputs are: 

  • Dataset: for entering data files in .csv format. The mandatory fields in the input dataset are scientific name, measurement remarks (e.g vision of the organism, dimension more or less than 20 μm), length and width (simplified calculation, see argument “CalcType”) or scientific name, measurement remarks and linear dimensions according to the Phytobioimaging Atlas of Shapes (advanced calculation, see argument “CalcType”). The workflow runs only with data resources structured according to the LifeWatch Data Schema.  You can upload your file.

  • Cluster: level of aggregation for taxa selection. The aggregation could be done at spatial (i.e. ‘parenteventid’, ‘eventid’, ‘locality’, ‘country’) and/or temporal (i.e. ‘day’, ‘month’, ‘year’) levels.  

  • Index: one or more among the different richness, diversity, evenness or environmental status indices available and/or statistics on the individual biovolume or biomass distribution.

    – Richness: Taxonomic Richness,
    – Diversity: Shannon, Shannon equivalents, Simpson, Simpson equivalents, Menhinick, Margalef, Gleason, McInthosh, Hurlbert
    – Evenness: Pielou, Sheldon, Ludwig-Reynolds
    – Dominance: Berger-Parker, McNaughton, Hulburt
    – Ecological status: Index of Size spectra Sensitivity of Phytoplankton, Diatoms-dinoflagellates ratio
    – Biovolume or Biomass Average, standard deviation, quantiles, interquantile and interdecile ranges of the biovolume (μm3) or biomass (pgC) distribution.

    OUTPUT: a zip wich contains a matrix (site*indices) with the calculated values and a barplot showing the indices distribution across sites. 

Select the input values and start the execution with the “Run the workflow” button to calculate selection and indexes.

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